Active Citizenship Guide 2014

Active Citizens Guide

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Pima County Interfaith Council is an independent organization made up of congregations, schools, and other not-for-profit organizations. Since 1990, PCIC has organized thousands of leaders all over Pima County to actively participate in public life and in the management of their community. PCIC works with many valued allies including business, labor, nonprofits, education, and government.

Our mission is to build organizations that are “universities of public life”, dedicated to developing citizens in the fullest sense: participants in our democracy and agents in the creation of a more just society.

Who We Are

PCIC represents the great cultural, economic, and religious variety in Pima County. PCIC believes that participation in the democratic process and work on behalf of the common good are vital to a healthy community. PCIC’s leaders work for a better quality of life for all Pima County residents by involving themselves in the decisions that affect their families.

PCIC prepares leaders according to the Iron Rule of organizational development:
“Never do for others what they can do for themselves.”