Tell Governor Ducey to Stay the Course on Stay at Home: Sign the Petition Now

The urgency is clear: even with limited testing in Arizona, as of Sunday, April 26,  the number of cases has risen to 6,526.  There have been 275 deaths in Arizona.

Join VIP Clergy and Leaders in urging Governor Ducey to take life-saving action:



Sign the Petition: Ask Governor Ducey to Issue a Stay-at-Home Order

The urgency is clear: even with limited testing in Arizona, as of Saturday, March 28,  the number of cases has risen from 27 to 773 in ten days. There have been 15 deaths in Arizona.

Join VIP Clergy and Leaders urging Governor Ducey to take life-saving action:

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Tell US Congress to pass a Covid-19 economic stimulus plan that protects workers, families, and small businesses!


Update 3/24/20: Keep contacting Congress.  The Senate deadlock continues and no vote has been taken.  

As of Monday morning, March 23, the US Senate is deadlocked on a nearly $2 Trillion dollars stimulus plan to address the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. Organizations affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation throughout the country, like Valley Interfaith Project, are are calling on Congress THIS MORNING to do the right thing.


1. Call (and email/tweet/tag) Senators Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema and your Congressional Representative THIS MORNING. Urge them to pass a fiscal stimulus bill that adheres to the Core Principles outlined below (and linked here). The bill is being negotiated for a vote today or tomorrow.

Senator Contact Info: DC Phone Local Phone Online Contact Form
Senator Martha McSally

(202) 224-2235

(602) 952-2410
Senator Kyrsten Sinema (202) 224-4521 (602) 598-7327
To find your Congresssional Representative:

2. Sign on to support these principles so that we can continue building on this effort as the crisis unfolds.

3.  Share this urgent call with others by posting on social media, etc.

Here is a sample message.  Feel free to personalize it and/or refer to the full set of principals in the document that follows.

Dear Senator________ or Congressperson_______:

Valley Interfaith Project and the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) urge Congress to pass an economic stimulus plan that protects those who urgently need help the most: American workers, families, and small businesses on the front lines of this national emergency.  The federal government must act swiftly and decisively.  We must take all necessary steps to avoid the loss of income, housing, safety, and crumbling communities.  Those most at risk should be the direct and primary beneficiaries of federal intervention, not multinational corporations.

1.     Help American Workers and Families Now;

2.     Save Jobs and Protect Service Sector Workers;

3.     Drastically Expand Health Care Coverage for the Most Vulnerable;

4.     Invest Heavily in Health Care Infrastructure to Support Front Line Workers and Providers;

5.     Protect Our Communities;

6.     Avoid the Mistakes of the 2008 Financial Sector Bailouts.

The IAF represents 65 Broad-Based citizens’ organizations throughout the US, working with thousands of religious congregations, small businesses, education institutions, non-profits, civic organizations and unions to make change for families and communities.

Thank You.

This document includes the full set of principles.  For a pdf copy, click here.