PCI supports pre-kindergarten scholarships in Pima County

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Pima County Interfaith urged Pima County Supervisors to extend funding for the Preschool Promise program to support pre-kindergarten for low income families and, on May 4, they did exactly that (scroll down to see the letter of support PCI submitted to the board.)

The approved plan allocates up to $10 million in County funds - plus $3 million from municipalities and partners - to help families with a household income of 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level or less to pay preschool tuition for their children aged 3-5. A total of 1,245 children may be reached.

Here is the PCI letter of support:

Dear Pima County Board of Supervisors,

On behalf of Pima County Interfaith, we are writing to support the goal of making high-quality preschool available for all our children a reality. Your leadership is helping pave the way for achieving this goal.

We applaud your votes on February 16, 2021 directing county administration to include ten million dollars in the budget to fund scholarships for the coming 2022 fiscal year. That shows our community that now is the time to step forward and contribute to the preschool promise scholarship program. Because of your leadership, cities and towns, state agencies, businesses, public school districts, faith communities, and nonprofit organizations are likely to join the effort.

We support and encourage you to provide ongoing support for the program when you meet on May 4th. This multi-year program has the potential to become a model for similar efforts throughout the state and country.

Thank you,
Pima County Interfaith
Executive/Strategy Team
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