Pima County Interfaith has leveraged over 100 million dollars on behalf of Pima County families since its founding in 1990. This does not include its work on many other issues (helping to pass Medicaid Expansion in Arizona, defending and expanding public school and adult education funding, advocating successfully for affordable housing, neighborhood development, energy efficiency, and immigrant integration). As a society, over the years we became complacent.  The public figured we had won our battles and our work was done, but we should have paid attention because some of the very same issues have surfaced.  We invite you to join us in creating a economically sound and vibrant community.


PCI's Milestone Recent Wins:

2023: PCI launches the first printing of Parish IDs to establish trust between local law enforcement and immigrants and protect undocumented parishioners.

2020: Doubling of county funds for JobPath. Partnered with Pima Department of Public Health to provide COVID-19 testing at 8 churches. Collaborated with Arizona Education Association to pass Prop 208 "Invest in Ed". Significantly increased voter turnout in targeted Tucson precincts with historically low levels of voter participation.

2018: Worked with legislators at the capitol to pass an extension of Prop. 301to continue a one-cent sales tax for education.

2017: Sale of SPICE drug prohibition City Ordinance and State Law (Priceless).

2016: Passage of $58 million facilities bond for Amphi School District. First CCHD funded Hispanic Leadership 3-day Training in Spanish in the U.S.

2015: Celebrated 25 years of community engagement. 

2014: Passage of $65 million bond for Amphi School District.