About Us

Who is Pima County Interfaith?

We are every-day citizens from member churches, synagogues, nonprofits, small businesses, neighborhood groups, schools, unions, and other voluntary/civic associations. We intentionally work across lines of religious beliefs, political philosophies, ethnicities and economic levels that divide our communities.

Our strength is in our broad-based, relational commitment to take action on issues that impact our families at the  local and regional levels. PCI will take strong stands on issues affecting families and communities, but remains politically non-partisan.

Pima County Interfaith represents the great cultural, economic, and religious variety in Pima County.

What do we do?

Institution and Leader Development

We strengthen our institutions, schools, and neighborhoods by reconnecting them internally and, then, throughout the community. We build relationships across our community based on trust and a willingness to listen to each other.

New Leadership

We identify, develop and train leaders. We equip our members and leadership with skills and practices to get results. Through PCI they learn the skills of the public arena, so they can challenge the hurdles to opportunities for local families.

Our Beliefs

Citizen Leadership

We are intentionally comprised of many religious beliefs, political philosophies, ethnicities and economic levels.

We identify, bring together and develop leaders across our communities, so that we can accomplish more together than we could apart. 

We believe the vast majority of adults have the capacity to speak for themselves and act with others on issues important to their families and to their values.


We can build broad-based power by rediscovering the relational arts of conversation, listening, strategic thinking and effective action. Member groups organize by listening, asking questions, hearing stories, doing research and taking action for the common good.


We have learned that change in a democracy requires power—either the power of organized money or the power of organized people.

We accept no money from government or political sources. The organization is funded by stewardship commitments from its member institutions and individuals, as well as some foundation and business support. This allows PCI to belong to, and be accountable to its member institutions.