Guide for Circulators

Requirements for Petition Circulators

  • To be qualified to circulate petitions you must:
  • You cannot circulate petitions for this initiative if:
    • You are a convicted felon, unless you can prove that all your civil rights have been restored by court order or a pardon.
    • You have been adjudicated as defined by law.
    • You are a justice of the peace or county recorder.


How to Collect Petition Signatures

Before Circulating

●       DO NOT REMOVE THE STAPLE. DO NOT REMOVE the title, signature page, or text of the initiative.

●       Before collecting signatures, indicate on the top right of every petition sheet that you are a volunteer circulator by checking the appropriate box.

●       Write in the County in which you are circulating the petition (two times on the front of the petition)

While Circulating


●       Again, keep the complete copy of the title and text of the proposed initiative attached.

●       Make sure the potential signers are registered to vote in the county that is referenced on the petition. (For example, if your child is going to ASU in Tempe and is registered to vote in Maricopa but is staying with you at your Pima county home during this time, they must sign a Maricopa County form.)

●       Do not leave petition sheets unaccompanied at any time. Do not fill out any entries, even the date AND even if the signer asks you to complete the entry on their behalf.

●       Signers must use black or blue ink to sign.

●       Confirm all fields are completed:  signature, printed fully legal first and last name, address where the signer is registered to vote and a complete date (month, day, year). Signers may not list a P.O. Box for the address. Cities should not be abbreviated (Phoenix not PHX).

●       No “ditto marks” – all information must be completed by the signer.

●       Make sure you instruct the signer to stay within the lines on the form. It is helpful to use a template to prevent line crossing errors if available.

●       If a signer makes an error, ask them to cross the entire signature line with a single line strikethrough, and have them start over on a new line.

After Circulating


●       Neatly print the following on the back of the petition:  (1) your full legal name in the first box, (2) your county in the second box, and (3) your address including city, state, and ZIP code – again, PO Boxes are not allowed – in the third and fourth boxes.

●       The other fields are for the notary—do not write in these sections.

●       Don’t sign until you are in front of a notary. You’ll need to show them your ID.