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For the last several weeks we've been warning you about the dangerous tax bills that the Legislature has now passed and Governor Ducey has signed into law. But this is not the end of the story. The Arizona Constitution gives concerned citizens a way to fight back against harmful legislation.

Pima County Interfaith is holding a Civic Academy at 10:00am Saturday, July 17, on the Invest in Arizona Referendums on the three most egregious tax bills. We'll be explaining the devastating impact of the new 2.5% Flat Tax on the state budget, and the 4.5% cap on total income taxes paid, as well as the entirely new filing category that is exempt from the Prop 208 surcharge. We'll also explain the referendum process and how you can join us in collecting signatures to put a hold on this legislation until the people can vote on it next year. More information below.


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